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Classifying Interfaces (SRC CLI)


Use the following configuration statements to define interface classification scripts:

A classification script can contain either a target and a condition or a script. If you do not define a script, the classifier must have both a target and a condition.

To define interface classification scripts:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the interface classifier configuration for a device.

  2. Create a rule for the classifier. You can create multiple rules for the classifier.

  3. Configure either a target or a script for the rule.

    • Configure the target for the rule.

      If you configured a target for the rule, you must configure a match condition for the rule. You can create multiple conditions for the rule. See Interface Classification Conditions.

    • Configure the script for the rule.

      (Optional) You can specify a script target.

      (Optional) You can include a script that has already been created.

      where include is a reference to an existing script that is included in the script you are configuring.

  4. (Optional) Change the order of rules.

  5. (Optional) Rename a rule.

  6. (Optional) Verify the classifier rule configuration.

  7. (Optional) Verify the interface classifier configuration.