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Enterprise Subscriber Login Process


Enterprise subscribers may connect through any access method. For a list of the events that can initiate an enterprise login, see Login Events.

Interface Startup

When a router interface comes up, the router sends a message to the SAE with information about that interface.

The SAE classifies the subscriber to determine the default interface policies. An SAE subscriber classification rule matches the attributes of the interface and describes how to formulate an LDAP query that retrieves the access entry in the directory that corresponds to the router interface.

Based on the response from the directory, the SAE creates a subscriber session and associates it with the DN of the access entry in the directory. The SAE then sends the router a message to install all the policies for subscriptions for the access line that are set to administratively active.

Figure 12 shows the stages involved in activating an enterprise subscriber session.

Figure 12: Enterprise Subscriber Session Activation
Enterprise Subscriber Session Activation