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Managers Overview


In relation to subscribers and subscriptions, a manager is an object that represents an IT manager in an organization. Retailers, subscriber folders, enterprises, sites, and accesses can support one or more managers.

Read Privileges

Managers have privileges to read:

  • The objects they control

  • Parent subscribers, up to the retailer

  • Subscriptions of parent subscribers, up to the retailer

  • All objects that represent services, service scopes, policies, and global variables that are defined for the subscriber to which the manager is added

Management Privileges

You can specify one or more management privileges for managers. If you do not specify privileges for a manager, the manager has only read privileges. Table 4 shows the privilege levels and the privileges associated with the levels.

Table 4: Privilege Levels and Associated Tasks

Privilege Level

Tasks That Managers with This Privilege Can Perform


  • Add, delete and modify managers

  • Add, delete, and modify subscriptions

  • Modify subscribers, including the ability to add, delete, and modify substitutions for subscribers

  • Manually activate and deactivate subscription sessions


  • Add, delete, and modify subscriptions

  • Manually activate and deactivate subscription sessions


Add, delete, and modify substitutions in subscribers and subscriptions


  • Configure automatic activation of services

  • Manually activate and deactivate subscription sessions


Modify, export, and cancel the export of VPNs

A manager has management privileges for its associated subscriber and for that subscriber’s subordinate objects:

  • Managers in an enterprise have control over the enterprise and all sites and accesses in the enterprise.

  • Managers in a site have control over the site and all accesses it contains. In addition they have read access to the enterprise, subscriber folder, and retailer that are configured above the site.

  • Managers in an access have control over only that access.

Managers That Control All Retailers

You can add managers that have control over all retailers and their subordinate enterprises. To do so, configure the manager at the [edit subscribers retailer name manager] hierarchy.