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Changing the Candidate Configuration


To change the candidate configuration on a C Series Controller, a client application encloses the <edit-config> and <target> tag elements and the <candidate/> tag in the <rpc> tag element:

The other child tag elements in the preceding syntax statement specify additional parameters, and are described in the indicated sections:

The NETCONF server confirms that it incorporated the configuration data by returning the <ok/> tag in the <rpc-reply> tag element:

If the NETCONF server cannot incorporate the configuration data, the <rpc-reply> tag element instead encloses an <rpc-error> tag element explaining the reason for the failure.

Regardless of the value provided, the NETCONF server for the SRC software performs a basic syntax check on the configuration data in the <edit-config> tag element. It performs a complete syntactic and semantic validation in response to the <commit> tag element (that is, when the configuration is committed),but not in response to the <edit-config> tag element. For information about the <commit> tag element, see Committing Configurations.

The client application can also include the operation attribute in the opening tag for a configuration element to specify the manner in which to incorporate the element, which can differ from the manner specified by the <default-operation> tag element. See Changing Individual Configuration Elements.