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Parameters for Sample COA Script Service


Table 7 lists the parameters specified by the sample COA script service, which is the /SDK/scriptServices/coa/ldif/BOD1M.ldif file in the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file. You can use the sample script service as a starting point.

Table 7: Parameter Substitutions for COA Services

Parameter Name



IP address of the third-party device.


UDP port number of the third-party device.


IP address of the C Series Controller.


UDP port number of the C Series Controller.


Shared secret between RADIUS server and RADIUS client.


Number of retries for sending COA messages when no RADIUS response is received. The retry interval is 3 seconds.


Content of service definition in the format

<action>. <radiusAttributeName>=<pluginEventAttribute>\n

  • action—Action that is executed on packet content (attribute):

    • start

    • stop

    • start-stop

  • radiusAttributeName—Valid RADIUS attribute specified as follows:

    • Standard RADIUS attribute name or number

    • Third-party VSA in the format


  • pluginEventAttribute—Valid expression in the format:

    • Python expression

    • <commandCode><serviceName>; the entire expression must be enclosed in single quotation marks and you must use three backslashes (\\\) to escape the backslash that starts a <commandCode>

      For example: \x0b would be replaced by \\\\x0b

  • \n—New-line character included between the lines of a configuration containing multiple lines; the entire configuration must be enclosed in quotation marks.

    For example:

    start-stop.Acct-Session-Id = ifSessionId

    “ start-stop.Acct-Session-Id=ifSessionId\nstart.vendor-specific.9.



You can also configure dynamic RADIUS requests with the sendDynamicRadius method of the ServiceSessionInfo interface (see Defining RADIUS Attributes for COA Requests with the API).