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Validating Substitutions


You can validate substitutions with the Enterprise portal.

When validating substitutions, the SRC software:

  • Checks the syntax of substitutions. For example, if you incorrectly specify a range by using 3 dots between the arguments instead of 2 dots, the SRC software returns an error.

  • Does not check the arguments that you specify for an operator. For example, in the expression the software recognizes the forward slash (/) as a division operator, but does not check that the arguments are appropriate for division.

    This feature allows SRC components, such as the policy engine, to interpret the expression as an IP address and mask rather than a division operation.

  • Does not check for consistent use of roles in parameters in a chain of substitutions. For example, consider the following situation:

    1. You define in a policy group a local parameter x with the role network and an expression of y (x:network =y).

    2. You define in a service a parameter y with the role rate and a value of 123 (y:rate =123).

      The software will substitute the value of 123 for x, even though 123 is a rate and not an address. Eventually, however, the substitution will cause problems, and a component such as the policy engine or the SAE will reject the value.