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Formatting Substitutions


Some SRC components handle the substitution syntax for you. For example, in policy configuration you to enter settings in fields, and it formats these settings in the correct syntax. In addition, IT managers or residential subscribers can enter settings through portals, and the portal formats these items in the correct syntax. You enter some substitutions (in the correct syntax) in SRC CLI. If you develop a portal that uses substitutions, use the correct syntax in the code for that portal.

A substitution has the following syntax:

  • !—Fixes the substitution

  • <parameterName>—Name of the parameter; either a name that you define or a name that is specified by the SRC software. Parameter names are case sensitive. If you are defining a substitution for a global parameter, make sure that the case of the parameter name in the substitution matches the case of the global parameter.

  • <role>—Category, or type, of the parameter. In the software the terms role and type are used interchangeably.

  • <expression>—A definition for the parameter

  • //<comment>—A comment about a substitution that appears on a new line after the substitution syntax