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This section provides information about migrating from earlier SRC software releases to SRC Release 4.13.0.

Policy Changes

Starting with SRC Release 4.2.0, an action configured for a policy rule no longer requires a name to identify the action. Old configurations with a name are accepted.


You cannot have multiple instances of the same action configured for one rule.

Migrating the C Series Controller to Software Release 4.13.0

You cannot upgrade the C Series Controller software to Release 4.13.0 from an earlier release by using the request system upgrade url url command, because SRC 4.13.0 release uses a different operating system (CentOS 7.6). You must reimage the controller by using the USB storage device. For more information about using the USB storage device to reimage the controller, see Recovering or Installing System Software on a C Series Controller by Using the USB Storage Device Supplied by Juniper Networks.

The basic procedure to migrate the C Series Controller from an earlier release to Release 4.13.0 is:

  1. Back up the configuration to the USB storage device or to a remote server by using the save and file copy commands.Note

    We recommend that you back up the configuration to the remote server.

  2. Create an installation medium by using the read/write USB storage device.
  3. Boot the controller from the USB storage device and install the software.
  4. Load the backup configuration by using the load command.

The default username and password for grub menu are “root” and “password”, respectively. You can change the default password by executing the grub2-setpassword command in shell mode.

You can load backup configuration from the XML, text, or LDAP LDIF file. Before loading backup configuration from XML or text file, you must perform the following steps in the backup configuration to avoid errors:

  • For all router drivers, set the minimum thread pool size to 100.

  • For all SRC components, set the maximum file size to 2,000,000.

  • Define network device type and SAE connection.

  • Delete logrotate configurations.

  • Delete the external interface configurations.

  • Configure the new SAE heap percentage options (java-min-heap-size-percentage, java-heap-size-percentage, java-min-new-size-percentage, and java-new-size-percentage) based on the values set to the existing heap options (java-min-heap-size, java-heap-size, java-min-new-size, and java-new-size).

  • Delete the JPS component and configurations related to JPS.

  • If the redirect server is set to SSLv2 for HTTPS, change it to a supported protocol (SSLv23, SSLv3, TLSv1, TLSv1.1, or TLSv1.2).

  • Delete Telnet configurations.