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Known Problems and Limitations


This section identifies known problems and limitations in this release.

For the most complete and latest information about known defects, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.


  • If SRC’s Gy is enabled after the SAE, SRC’s plug-ins are not initialized for certain subscribers. For a workaround, see the PR record. PR1097126


  • The scheduler format has been changed, but new attributes (action name, event name, and except name) are not currently supported in Enterprise Manager. PR1325483


  • Time synchronization is not observed for unauthenticated NTP broadcast client when default restrict commands are configured. For a workaround, see PR1389059.

  • The kod option under the system ntp restrict address address, system ntp restrict default-v4, and system ntp restrict default-v6 commands may not function properly because there is no option to configure limited requests. The behaviors of nopeer and notrap options have not been tested by Juniper Networks. PR1389024

  • SRC updates date and time from the hardware clock with no preference to the user configured date and time during reboot. PR1444678


  • After changing the VM memory of vSRC, the new SAE heap parameter values are not displayed in the CLI even though the new values are properly allotted to the SAE. For a workaround, see PR1389004.

  • While configuring global service schedule, the “Mismatch in system and scheduler time zones” warning is displayed even if the time zones are identical. PR1444688


  • SRC produces a core dump file in background while configuring SIC component. PR1443133