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Release Highlights


Highlights include the following product enhancements:


The SRC software runs as VMs and runs on C Series Controllers—a range of hardware platforms. The SRC 4.13.0 software contains the features found in the SRC 4.12.0 release plus the features listed in this section. The SRC 4.13.0 software may contain references to the service activation engine (SAE) Release version 7.17.0. SRC 4.13.0 software does not run on the discontinued C2000 and C4000 controllers because of hardware incompatibility.

CentOS Upgrade

The base operating system of SRC software has now been upgraded from CentOS 6.5 to CentOS 7.6. To migrate to SRC Release 4.13.0, see Migrating the C Series Controller to Software Release 4.13.0.

Monitor Components Connectivity (MCC) Component

A new component, Monitor Components Connectivity (MCC), is introduced in the SRC software to monitor the connectivity state between SAEs in a community and between SAE and RADIUS server periodically. The MCC collects diagnostic information about the connectivity state of the components, such as connection error, connection timeout, and socket read/write timeout. MCC logs are stored in the /opt/UMC/mcc/var/log/cc-logs/<source-ip>-<destination-ip>.log file. You can use the /opt/UMC/mcc/etc/ file to configure the MCC.


MCC monitors the connectivity only between SAEs in a community and between SAE and RADIUS server. MCC does not support monitoring other SRC components.

Security Updates

The following third-party libraries have been updated to address security vulnerabilities:

  • NSS has been upgraded from 3.12.3 to 3.36.0.

  • NSPR has been upgraded from 4.7.4 to 4.19.0.

  • OpenSSL has been upgraded from 0.9.8h to 1.0.2k.

  • Net-SNMP has been upgraded from 5.4 to 5.7.2.

  • Zlib has been upgraded from 1.2.3 to 1.2.7.