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Updating Quality of Service Profiles for JunosE Virtual Routers (SRC CLI)


You can use SNMP to read the QoS profile information on routers running JunosE Software, and update the LDAP directory with a list of QoS profiles that are currently configured on the router.

Before you update local QoS profiles, make sure that:

  • The JunosE router and VR appear in the directory.

  • The VR has an operating SNMP agent.

  • The SAE can communicate with the VR through SNMP

  • You have write permissions for the 0=Network subtree.

Use the following command to update QoS profiles on a router running JunosE Software:

To update QoS profiles on a router running JunosE Software:

  1. Issue the request sae update qos-profiles command, and specify the virtual-router option in the format virtualRouterName@deviceName. This text string is case sensitive and must match the name in the JunosE configuration. In this sample procedure the virtual router is vr1@junose_boston.

  2. (Optional) To specify the IP address of the virtual router, use the management-address option.

  3. (Optional) To specify the SNMP community for the virtual router, use the SNMP-community option.

  4. (Optional) To specify the IP address or name of the host that supports the directory, use the server option.

  5. (Optional) To specify the base DN for the root of the tree to be used, use the base-dn option.

  6. (Optional) To specify the DN that defines the username with which an SRC component accesses the directory, use the principal option.

  7. (Optional) To specify the password used for authentication with the directory server, use the credentials option.