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Configuring NIC Test Data (SRC CLI)


To test a resolution without NIC, you can configure a NIC proxy stub to take the place of the NIC. The NIC proxy stub comprises a set of explicit mappings of data keys and values in the NIC proxy configuration. When the SAE (or another SRC component configured to use a NIC proxy stub) passes a specified key to the NIC proxy stub, the NIC proxy stub returns the corresponding value. When you use a NIC proxy stub, no NIC infrastructure is required.

For example, you can specify a subscriber’s IP address that is associated with a particular SAE. When the SRC component passes this IP address to the NIC proxy stub, the NIC proxy stub returns the corresponding SAE.

To use the NIC proxy stub for the SAE:

  1. In configuration mode, navigate to the NIC proxy configuration and specify the type of key you want to map to a value.

    For example, to specify the key ip for the ip NIC proxy configuration:

  2. Enable a NIC proxy stub for a resolution.

  3. Specify the values of the keys for testing. These statements are available at the Expert CLI editing level.


    • name—Indicates the NIC data value for the proxy.

    • value—Specifies a value for the NIC data type.

    For example, to set up a login name to IP mapping for login name to the IP address

    For example, to set up an IP to SAE ID mapping for IP address to SAE ID identified by the URL for the CORBA IOR corbaloc::


    The SAE writes the value of the CORBA IOR to the var/run directory. The IP address in the corbaloc URL can be adjusted to the IP address or DNS name of the SAE.

    You can use the key ANY_KEY to match any key for any key type. For example, if you want all IP addresses to resolve to the same SAE: