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SRC Monitoring Options


Table 24 lists and compares the monitoring options for the C-Web interface and the SRC CLI.

Table 24: Comparison of SRC Monitoring Options

C-Web Interface Monitor Option

Information Displayed

Corresponding SRC CLI Commands


Admission Control Plug-In (ACP) data and statistics

  • show acp backbone congestion-point congestion-point-expression

  • show acp backbone congestion-point dn

  • show acp backbone service

  • show acp edge congestion-point dn

  • show acp edge congestion-point subscriber-session-id

  • show acp edge subscriber

  • show acp remote-update congestion-point dn

  • show acp remote-update congestion-point name

  • show acp remote-update subscriber

  • show acp statistics device

  • show acp statistics directory

  • show acp statistics general


SRC CLI level and authorization data

  • show cli

  • show cli authorization


Installed components

  • show component


System date and time

  • show date


System disk status

  • show disk status


System interfaces

  • show interfaces


Filtered traffic statistics from the iptables Linux tool

  • show iptables


Network information collector (NIC) component configuration data and statistics, including NIC agents, resolvers, and process


  • show nic data

  • show nic data agent

  • show nic data resolver

  • show nic statistics

  • show nic statistics agent

  • show nic statistics host

  • show nic statistics process

  • show nic statistics resolver

  • show nic slot number data

  • show nic slot number statistics


Network Time Protocol (NTP) configuration data and statistics

  • show ntp associations

  • show ntp statistics

  • show ntp status

Redirect server

Redirect server statistics

  • show redirect server statistics


Route data from the local system to a remote host

  • show route


SAE configuration data and statistics

  • show sae drivers

  • show sae interfaces

  • show sae licenses

  • show sae policies

  • show sae registered equipment

  • show sae registered login

  • show sae services

  • show sae statistics device

  • show sae statistics device common

  • show sae statistics directory

  • show sae statistics directory connections

  • show sae statistics license client

  • show sae statistics license device

  • show sae statistics license local

  • show sae statistics policy-management

  • show sae statistics process

  • show sae statistics radius

  • show sae statistics radius client

  • show sae statistics sessions

  • show sae subscribers

  • show sae subscribers accounting-user-id

  • show sae subscribers dn

  • show sae subscribers ip

  • show sae subscribers login-name

  • show sae subscribers service-name

  • show sae subscribers session-id

  • show sae threads


Security certificate configuration and statistics

  • show security certificate


SRC software and C Series Controller configuration data

  • show configuration

  • show system boot-messages

  • show system information

  • show system ldap community

  • show system ldap server

  • show system ldap statistics

  • show system users