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C Series Controller Log Server Overview


The C Series Controller includes a system log server that you can configure to manage messages generated on the system. These messages record events that occur to system processes and components.

You can configure the system log server on a C Series Controller to send messages about events to:

  • A local file

  • Other hosts that are running a system log server

  • Users who need to be notified about particular error conditions

You configure which groups of messages are to be forwarded by message type and severity level.

Message Groups

Message groups (also called facilities) define sets of messages generated by the same software process or concerned with a similar condition or activity (such as authentication attempts).

You can configure the following message groups for the system log server:

  • any—Messages from all facilities.

  • authorization—Authentication and authorization attempts.

  • daemon—Actions performed or errors encountered by various system processes.

  • ftp—Actions performed or errors encountered by an FTP process.

  • kernel—Actions performed or errors encountered by the kernel.

  • user—Actions performed or errors encountered by various user processes.

  • local7—Actions performed or errors encountered by different processes.

Severity Levels

You can specify the following severity levels for groups of messages to be forwarded:

  • any—Messages for all severity levels.

  • emergency—System panic or other condition that causes the system to stop functioning.

  • alert—Conditions that require immediate correction.

  • critical—Critical conditions, such as hard drive errors.

  • error—Error conditions that generally have less serious consequences than errors in the emergency, alert, and critical levels.

  • warning—Conditions that warrant monitoring.

  • notice—Conditions that are not errors but might warrant special handling.

  • info—Events or nonerror conditions of interest.

  • none—Messages are not generated for any condition.