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Creating a Configuration


This sample procedure shows how to configure SAE properties for aggregate services as an example of how to navigate through various hierarchy levels in the CLI and use help and show commands to obtain information while working at the CLI.

In the SRC module, an aggregate service is a type of SAE service that comprises a number of individual services. Combining services lets the SRC module treat the services within an aggregate service as a unit.

The final configuration looks like this:

To configure SAE properties for aggregate services:

  1. Enter configuration mode.

  2. In configuration mode, move to the hierarchy level at which you configure aggregate services.

    Press the space bar after typing the initial characters of a word to quickly complete the word.

  3. Verify which values you can set.

  4. Set the values for the four time intervals.

  5. Verify the configuration.

  6. Move up one level in the hierarchy, and run the show command again.

    The output shows the configuration for aggregate services plus any other configuration under the [shared sae configuration] hierarchy level.

  7. Before you commit the configuration, verify that the configuration is correct.

  8. Commit the configuration.