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Sample Data for Dynamic Service Activator


The SRC software includes sample data that you load with the request system ldap load dsa-configuration command. Loading the sample data does not update roles of existing clients. If clients with the names Bob, Joe, or Fred already exist in your configuration, you should use the request system ldap load dsa-configuration replace command to replace the existing client configurations with the sample data configuration. The sample Dynamic Service Activator is configured as follows:

  • NIC proxy properties—For each subscriber type.

  • Permissions—Specifically for each method and script.

Methods, Scripts, and Clients

The sample data shows several methods and one script. The methods are configured as follows:

  • Clients Fred and Joe have access with no constraints to the Subscriber_readSubscription method.

  • Client Joe has access to the Subscriber_activateService and the Subscriber_deactivateService methods with no constraints. Client Fred, however, can use these methods only to manage services with names that start with “Audio.”

  • Client Fred can also use the Subscriber_modifyService method for services with names that start with “Audio.” Client Joe cannot use this method, but he can see the Subscriber_modifyService method for all services.

  • Client Joe is the only client who can use the Subscriber_login and Subscriber_logout methods.

  • Both clients Joe and Fred can use the invokeGwExtension method.

The script is configured as follows:

  • Client Bob can use the Echo method. The script requires that the fourth argument be an IP address that starts with 10 (the IP address has the form 10.x.x.x).

  • Client Joe can use the Echo method without restriction.

PCMM Available Services

The sample data has two global PCMM services and two PCMM clients configured:

  • The two global available services are News and Video-Silver.

  • Client Joe is allowed the Video-Silver and PCMM-Down service.

  • Client Fred is allowed the Video-Gold service.

  • Client Bob is not allowed any services (except for the global services).