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Verifying and Updating Configuration of Extranets for VPNs


From the SRC CLI, you can correct errors in extranet configuration when these errors result from directory or portal errors. In the extranet configuration, an extranet client of an object must be imported by that object.

In the SRC configuration for a subscriber that is the client of an extranet client, you specify a VPN for the imported extranet client. Typically, you add the extranet client and specify the imported extranet from the Enterprise Manager Portal. You can use the SRC CLI to verify the configuration and to make updates to the existing configuration.

To view information about extranet configuration and update it:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that represents the configuration for the VPN.


    where vpn-id is the name of the routing instances on a device running Junos OS that implements the VPN.

  2. View the configuration for the VPN. For example:

  3. (Optional) Change or add the distinguished name (DN) of a retailer or an enterprise that is an extranet client of this VPN.

    For example:


  4. (Optional) Change or add extranets to be imported by specifying the DN of the extranet.

    You can specify one or more extranets.

  5. Verify that the updated configuration is correct.