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Configuring Accesses (C-Web Interface)


You must configure an access for an enterprise or a site. An access determines the way that the enterprise or site accesses Internet services, and specifies a set of services that are available to the particular access.

Subscriber classification scripts can use access subscription properties to match the interface in the network with an access in the directory. Typically, the interface alias, interface description, interface name, unique ID, NAS port ID, and router name are used to match an interface to an access.

You can specify multiple accesses; for example, you might want to specify primary and backup services for Internet access.

To configure a subscription to an access service:

  1. Click Configure, and expand Subscribers.

  2. Expand the specified retailer and the subscriber folder.

  3. Click the specified enterprise.

    The Enterprise: <name> pane appears.

  4. From the Create new list, select Access.

  5. In the dialog box, enter a name for the new Access, and click OK.

    The Access: <name> pane appears.

  6. Enter information as described in the Help text in the main pane, and click Apply.