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Configuring Timers for Aggregate Services (SRC CLI)


You can change the values for several timers to specify the intervals associated with monitoring and activating aggregate sessions. Use the following configuration statements to configure these timers and intervals:

To configure timers used by aggregate services:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the shared sae aggregate service configuration.

  2. Configure the interval at which keepalive messages are sent between an aggregate service session and an associated remote service management session to verify that an aggregate service is active.

  3. Configure the time to wait for an acknowledgement of a keepalive message before sending a new keepalive message if a response to a keepalive message is not received.

  4. Configure the length of time to continue to try to activate or deactivate a fragment service session.

  5. Configure the length of time to continue sending failure notifications if an aggregate service cannot reach a fragment service, or a fragment service cannot reach an aggregate service during shutdown of the aggregate service.

  6. (Optional) Verify your configuration.