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Creating the DPI Script Service (SRC CLI)


To create the script service:

  1. Create a script service in the [edit services scope name service name] hierarchy. In this sample procedure, the service is configured in the DPI service scope, and DPI is the name of the service.

  2. Set the type of service to script.

  3. (Optional) Configure other properties as needed for your service.

  4. Configure the script properties.

  5. Configure as the name of the class that implements the script service.

  6. Configure Java archive file as the type of script that the script service uses.

  7. Specify the filename of the script service implementation so that its contents will be loaded into the file option. Copy the dpiss.jar file to the C Series Controller before you specify the filename. In this sample procedure, the dpiss.jar file was copied from a location that is accessible by a URL (such as an FTP or HTTP server) to the /tmp directory.

  8. (Optional) From configuration mode, enter the service parameter configuration and configure values for parameters.

    For example, to specify the configuration file that is used or to specify whether the configuration file is reloaded for each script service activation:

  9. (Optional) Verify your configuration.

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