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Before You Configure the Redirect Server on a C Series Controller


Before you configure the redirect server on a C Series Controller:

  • Configure the connection between the redirect server and the JunosE router by configuring policies on the C Series Controller:

    • Configure and enable the HTTP local server on the JunosE router

    • On the C Series Controller, configure a policy that includes the following policy actions to define which traffic to send to the redirect server:

      • An exception action to specify that an HTTP application receive traffic.

      • An http redirect policy action to specify the URL to receive packets identified in the exception application action.


        Alternatively, if the distance between the JunosE routers and the C Series Controller is one hop away, you can configure a next-hop policy on the JunosE router that specifies a destination address that is the virtual IP address of the active redirect server rather than configuring an SRC policy.

  • If you plan to configure a redundant redirect server, make sure that you are familiar with the network configuration required.