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Configuring Resolution Information for a NIC Proxy (SRC CLI)


Use the following statements to configure resolution information for a NIC proxy:

To configure resolution information for a NIC proxy:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that specifies the NIC proxy configuration.

    For example:

  2. Specify the NIC resolver that this NIC proxy uses.

    This resolver must be the same as one that is configured on the NIC host. For example:

  3. Specify the NIC data type that the key provides for the NIC resolution.

    For example:

    To qualify data types, enter a qualifier within parentheses after the data type; for example, to specify username as a qualifier for the key LoginName:

  4. Specify the type of value to be returned in the resolution for the application that uses the NIC proxy.

    For example:

  5. (Optional) If the key can have more than one value, specify that the key can have multiple corresponding values.

  6. (Optional. Available at the Advanced editing level.) If the application provides a constraint in the resolution request, specify the data type for the constraint. The constraint represents a condition that must or may be satisfied before the next stage of the resolution process can proceed.