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Configuring Parameters for the Script Service for Packet Mirroring


Provide parameter substitutions with the values that are in the service definitions for the script service.

Table 1 lists the parameters specified by the sample packet-mirroring script service. In most cases, you can use the sample script service without modification.

Table 1: Parameter Substitutions for Packet-Mirroring Services

Parameter Name



RADIUS VSA that is the IP address of the analyzer device. This attribute is required.


RADIUS VSA that is the UDP port number of the monitoring application in the analyzer device. If specified, dynMirrorIdentifier must also be specified.


RADIUS VSA in the form of a hexadecimal string. If specified, dynAnalyzerPortNumber must also be specified.


IP address of the dynamic RADIUS client.


UDP port number of the dynamic RADIUS client.


IP address of the C Series Controller.


UDP port number of the C Series Controller.


Shared secret.


Number of retries for sending dynamic RADIUS packet when no RADIUS response is received. The retry interval is 3 seconds.


Content of dynamic RADIUS request packets in the format <action>. <radiusAttributeName>=<pluginEventAttribute>\n

  • action—Action that is executed on packet content (attribute)

    • start

    • stop

    • start-stop

  • radiusAttributeName—Valid RADIUS attribute specified as follows:

    • Standard RADIUS attribute name or number.

    • JunosE VSA in one of the following formats:



      where .salt indicates that the attribute is MD5 salt-encrypted in the RADIUS packet.

  • pluginEventAttribute—Valid Python expression

  • \n—New-line character included between the lines of a configuration containing multiple lines; the entire configuration must be enclosed in quotation marks

    For example:

    start-stop.Acct-Session-Id = ifSessionId

    “ start-stop.Acct-Session-Id=ifSessionId\n start.vendor-specific.4874.58.salt=1\n start.vendor-specific.JUNIPER.Unisphere- Med-Dev-Handle.salt= custom['dynMirrorIdentifier'] \n start.vendor-specific. JUNIPER.Unisphere-Med-Ip-Address.salt=

    intIp(custom['dynAnalyzerIPAddress'])\n start.vendor-specific. JUNIPER.Unisphere-Med- Port-Number.salt= int(custom ['dynAnalyzerPortNumber'])\n stop.vendor- specific.4874.58.salt=0"

To configure substitutions for the script parameters:

  1. At the hierarchy for the script service, specify substitutions for the parameters. For example:

  2. Verify the configuration.