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Configuring System Logging (SRC CLI)


Use the following statements to configure the SRC software to send log messages to the system logging facility:

You can configure components to send log messages to the system log server on the platform on which the SRC software is running.

If you plan to filter log messages, you should be familiar with severity levels and filters for logging before you configure system logging for a component. See Categories and Severity Levels for Event Messages.

To configure component logging to the system log server:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the logging destination for the component. For example:

    For example:

  2. (Optional) Specify the filter to define which event messages the software logs or disregards.

    Filters can specify the logging level, such as debug, or can specify expressions.

  3. (Optional) Change the IP address or name of a host that collects event messages by means of a standard system logging daemon.

    By default, the host is loghost for the system log server on the local host. (Configuration in the /etc/hosts file sets loghost to localhost.)

    Make sure that the user under which the J2EE application server or Web application server runs has write access to this folder. If this user does not have write access to the default folder, configure the component or application to write logs in folders to which the user has write access.

  4. (Optional) Specify the type of system log in accordance with the system logging protocol, a value of 0–23.

  5. (Optional) Specify the Message Format string that indicates how the information in an event message is printed.

    Specify a Message Format string as defined in

    The fields available for events are:

    • 0—Time and date of the event

    • 1—Name of the thread generating the event

    • 2—Text message of the event

    • 3—Category of the event

    • 4—Priority of the event

  6. (Optional) Specify the port used for system logging, a value of 0–65535.