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Configuring Types of Actions for Rate-Limit Actions for External Parent Groups (SRC CLI)


When you configure a rate-limit action or a rate-limit hierarchy, you specify types of actions for conformed traffic, committed traffic, and exceed traffic.

Before you configure the various types of actions, configure the rate limit or parent group (for rate-limit hierarchies) that is to include the actions. See:

Use the following configuration statements to configure rate-limit actions from the [edit policies external-parent-group-folder name external-parent-group name ] hierarchy level:

To specify types of actions for rate-limit actions:

  • Specify an action for a rate-limit action or a rate-limit hierarchy:


    The following examples show the configuration for a committed action. You can configure the same actions for committed actions, conformed actions, and exceed actions.

    • Filter (drop packet).

    • Forward.

    • (For rate-limit hierarchies only) Forward conditionally.

    • (Rate-limit hierarchies only for committed and conformed actions) Forward unconditionally.

    • (For rate-limit hierarchies only) Forward and exit from the rate-limit hierarchy.

    • Mark. If you select mark, enter the mark values.

      Make sure that masks configured with a rate-limit action are the same for different mark actions.

    • Parameter. Before you assign a parameter, you must create a parameter of the packetOperation type and commit the parameter configuration.