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Syntax for DHCP Classification Targets


The target of the DHCP classification script uses a syntax similar to an LDAP URL. With the exception of baseDN, all fields are optional. The syntax is:

  • baseDN—DN of object where search starts.

  • attributes—Comma-separated list of properties, in the format attribute=<-value->, that allow you to set specific attributes for directory objects that the script finds; see DHCP Classification Conditions.

    You can use the attribute configuration to override attributes in the directory. For example, to override the IP pool name that is stored in the DHCP profile with the pool name that the authorization plug-in sends, use the attribute statement radiusFramedPool=<-poolName->.

  • scope—Scope of search in the directory

    • base—Searches the base DN only; default scope

    • one—Searches the direct subordinates of the base DN (one-level search)

    • sub—Searches all objects subordinate to the base DN

  • filter—An RFC 2254–style LDAP search filter expression; for example, (uniqueId=<-userName->). See RFC 2254—The String Representation of LDAP Search Filters (December 1997).