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Example: Using the DPI Script Service


To use the DPI script service provided:

  1. Download the DPI script service to your system from the Juniper Networks website:

    The files for supporting the DPI script service can be found in the SRC Demo and Sample Application software (SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file).

    The /SDK/scriptServices/dpiScriptService/lib/dpiss.jar file contains the DPI script service implementation. Copy the dpiss.jar file to a location that is accessible to the SAE by a URL.

    The /SDK/scriptServices/dpiScriptService/resource/dpiConfig.xml file contains the sample configuration file that is included in the dpiss.jar file.

  2. Import the sample data for the DPI script service using an LDAP browser.

    The /SDK/scriptServices/dpiScriptService/ldif/dpiService.ldif and /SDK/scriptServices/dpiScriptService/ldif/dpiSubscriber.ldif files contain the sample service definition and subscriber configuration for setting up the script service.

    To load the sample data into the database, you can use an LDAP tool, such as ldapmodify. To load data into the Juniper Networks database, you need the IP address of the database and the database credentials. The default bind distinguished name (DN) for the database is cn=umcadmin, o=umc and the password is admin123.

  3. Modify the service substitutions for your device.

    You can make these substitutions by defining the parameter substitutions in the DPI service with the SRC CLI or by passing the values through the enterprise portal.

  4. Configure a subscription to the DPI service that is activated on login.

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