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Types of SRC Licenses


You must obtain a license for the SRC software from the Juniper Networks License Management System. Juniper Networks provides server licenses for the SRC software.

The server license limits the number of concurrent active SAE service sessions. The server license is managed by the SRC license server, which reads the license, leases a portion of the license on demand to each SAE client, monitors the consumption of the license, and raises alarms when necessary. For server licenses, the SAE client does not involve the directory for license management. Use the server license for a production implementation of the SRC software.

The server license replaces the production license used in earlier releases of the SRC software. A production license limited the capacity of the entire network under SAE management and optionally specified the maximum number of SAE services that were concurrently available to be activated by subscribers, an expiration date, or both.


The license server must be the same version as the SAE. For example, if you are using the license server and upgrade the SAE version, you must upgrade the license server to the same version.

If you have not imported a server license, the SRC software uses the no license mode. In no license mode, you can create a maximum of 100 current user sessions. If the configured user sessions exceed 100, the SRC software rejects the additional user sessions and logs an error “Number of User sessions has reached the limit” in SAE logs. There is no limitation on the number of service sessions that can be created in the no license mode.