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How Parameters Are Passed from Aggregate Service to Fragment Service


There are two ways to set up parameters in aggregate and fragment services:

  • If you use just a parameter name in the aggregate service, for example user_IpAddress, then the value of user_IpAddress in the aggregate session is bound to the name user_IpAddress in the fragment service.

  • If you use user_IpAddress as the parameter name and fragSubrIp=user_IpAddress as a substitution in the aggregate service, user_IpAddress is given a different name in the fragment service session. The parameter name fragSubrIps in the fragment service session is bound to the value of user_IpAddress in the aggregate service session.

    Use this scheme to configure parameters and substitutions when the parameter in the aggregate service session has a name that is already used in the fragment for something else. A common example is user_IpAddress, which is usually defined in all service sessions. This scheme is also useful when you are aggregating services developed independently. You can call the aggregate service parameters whatever makes sense in that context, and name the fragment service parameters independently.