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JPS Overview


In a PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) environment, the policy server acts as a policy decision point (PDP) and policy enforcement point (PEP) that manages the relationships between application managers and cable management termination system (CMTS) devices.

The Juniper Policy Server (JPS) is a PCMM-compliant policy server. The JPS must be deployed in an SRC environment that satisfies these conditions:

  • Organizes PCMM devices into groups (for example, one or more per POP). For redundancy, a community of two or more JPSs will manage each group of PCMM devices.

  • Achieves successful state synchronization by requiring an application manager (for example, a pair of redundant service activation engines [SAEs]) to talk to one JPS instance at a time.

  • Uses IPSec connections for the network interfaces.