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Requesting Information


This chapter explains how to use the SRC Extensible Markup Language (XML) and NETCONF application programming interfaces (APIs) to request information about C Series Controller status and the current configuration.

The tag elements for operational requests are defined in the SRC XML API and correspond to command-line interface (CLI) operational commands, which are described in the SRC software command references. There is a request tag element for many commands in the CLI show family of commands.

The tag element for configuration requests is the NETCONF <get-config> tag element. It corresponds to the CLI configuration mode show command, which is described in the SRC PE CLI User Guide. The SRC XML tag elements that make up the content of both requests and the NETCONF server’s responses correspond to CLI configuration statements, which are described in the SRC software documentation set.

In addition to information about the current configuration, client applications can request other configuration-related information.

This chapter includes the following topics: