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Configuring QoS Profile-Tracking Plug-Ins (SRC CLI)


Use the following configuration statements to configure the QoS profile tracking plug-in with the SRC CLI:

  1. From configuration mode for the QoS profile tracking plug-in.

  2. Configure the number of working threads that all QTP instances share when they process QTP events.

  3. Configure the name of the QoS profile that is attached to the interface when QoS services have been deactivated.

    See Dynamically Managing QoS Profiles.

  4. Configure the character that is placed between QoS profile input values when the system concatenates the values during the process of creating QoS profile names.

  5. Configure the prefix added to the QoS service name as part of the process to determine the name of the QoS profile that needs to be attached to an interface for a particular service.

  6. Configure the name of the attribute in the service definition that you want the QTP to use as QoS profile input values.

  7. Configure the search filter that the SAE uses to search service objects in the directory to find QoS services.

    See Configuring Search Filters for QoS Profile-Tracking Plug-Ins

  8. Configure the name of the hidden QoS profile attachment service that the QTP uses to attach QoS profiles to and remove QoS profiles from a router interface.

  9. Configure the name of the variable parameter used in the QoS profile name field in the QoS profile attachment action of the policy group that is assigned to the hidden QoS service.

  10. Verify your configuration.