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Starting the Sample Enterprise Service Portal


The WAR file for the sample Enterprise Service Portal is tagsEntDemo.war. You can locate the WAR file in the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file on the Juniper Networks website at: You deploy this file to an application server, such as JBoss.

When you view the sample portal, take care to open only one browser window yourself. The portal automatically opens pop-up windows for various operations. If you open more than one browser window yourself, the information in the original window may not be updated correctly when you complete an operation in a pop-up window.

To start the sample Enterprise Service Portal:

  1. Enter the URL of the portal in your Web browser, and press Enter. For example:

    The login page appears.

  2. Select a retailer, or leave the entry blank to view all retailers.

  3. Enter your username in the Login ID field and your password in the Password field.

    The Welcome page appears. On the left of the page is a navigation pane for the objects in the service provider’s directory over which you have control. Your login identity is the root of this navigation pane.