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Monitoring the Status of Subscriptions



Monitor the status of a subscription.


  1. Start at the page that lists information about the subscription.

    For an example, a page that shows BoD subscriptions.

  2. In the last cell of the row of data for the subscription, click Status.

    The Subscription Status page appears.

The Subscription Status page displays the status of this subscription for all accesses subordinate to this subscriber. The page appearance varies depending on whether the subscription is scheduled. You can click the Refresh button to update status information.

The following Subscription Status page shows the status for an unscheduled subscription.

The following Subscription Status page shows the status for a scheduled subscription.


Table 22 shows the possible status for subscriptions.

Table 22: Possible Subscription Status





Subscription is enabled and is operative.

Subscription is functioning correctly.


Subscription is disabled.

Subscription is functioning correctly.

Active (should be inactive)

Subscription is disabled but is operative.

Subscription is not functioning correctly.

Inactive (should be active)

Subscription is enabled but is inoperative.

Subscription is not functioning correctly.


Enterprise manager Portal cannot currently communicate with the SAE, typically because the access is not functioning correctly or the checking mechanism is temporarily unavailable.

Subscription may be functioning correctly, but another problem exists.