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Residential Portal Overview


Typically a residential portal is composed of dynamic webpages that reference classes and methods from the Java packages and the Common Object Request Broker (CORBA) remote application programming interface (API) to:

  • Authenticate subscribers, and log subscribers in to and out of the portal.

  • Specify which services are to be available to subscribers.

    • Specify whether scheduling is available to subscribers and, if so, which scheduling features are available.

    • Specify whether the services start automatically at portal login or whether these services are to be started manually by the subscriber.

  • Show subscribers accounting statistics for services that are active.

  • Allow the subscribers to register their client devices to automatically obtain an authenticated IP address when they log in to the portal.

To use the SRC software to handle unauthorized requests to Web services and Web content sites, you install and configure the captive portal system, see Redirecting Traffic to a Captive Portal Webpage.