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Adding Virtual Router Objects (SRC CLI)


Use the following configuration statements to add a virtual router:

To add a virtual router:

  1. From configuration mode, access the statements for virtual routers. This sample procedure uses proxy_device as the name of the router object. For third-party devices, use the name default for the virtual router.

  2. Specify the addresses of SAEs that can manage this router. This step is required for the SAE to work with the router.

    To specify the active SAE and the redundant SAE, enter an exclamation point (!) after the hostname or IP address of the connected SAE. For example:

  3. (Optional) Specify an SNMP community name for SNMP read-only operations for this virtual router.

  4. (Optional) Specify an SNMP community name for SNMP write operations for this virtual router.

  5. (Optional) Specify service scopes assigned to this virtual router. The scopes are available for subscribers connected to this virtual router for selecting customized versions of services.

  6. (Optional) Specify the plug-ins that track interfaces that the SAE manages on this virtual router.

  7. (Optional) Verify your configuration.