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Configuring a NIC Proxy for NIC Replication (SRC CLI)


Typically, you configure NIC replication to keep the NIC highly available. You configure NIC host selection to specify the groups of NIC hosts to be contacted to resolve a request, and to define how the NIC proxy handles NIC hosts that the proxy is unable to contact. The configuration statements are available at the Normal editing level.

Use the following configuration statements to configure NIC host selection for a NIC proxy:

To configure a NIC proxy to use NIC replication:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that specifies the NIC proxy configuration.

    For example:

  2. Specify the list of groups of NIC hosts that the NIC proxy can contact for resolution requests. Use commas to separate the group names.

    For example

  3. If you configure more than one group, specify the selection criteria that the NIC proxy uses to determine which NIC host to contact.


    • roundRobin—NIC proxy selects NIC hosts in a fixed, cyclic order. The NIC proxy always selects the next host in the list.

    • randomPick—NIC proxy selects NIC hosts randomly from the list.

    • priorityList—NIC proxy selects NIC hosts according to their assigned priorities in the list. If the host with the highest priority in the list is not available, the NIC proxy tries the host with the next-highest priority, and so on.

    Priorities are defined by the order in which you specify the groups. You can change the order of NIC hosts in the list by using the insert command.

  4. Access the configuration statement that specifies the NIC proxy configuration for blacklisting—the process of handling nonresponsive NIC hosts.

  5. Specify whether or not the NIC proxy should contact the next specified NIC host if a NIC host is determined to be unavailable.

  6. (Optional) Change the number of times the NIC proxy tries to communicate with a NIC host before the NIC proxy stops communicating with the NIC host for a period of time. The default is 3.

  7. (Optional) Change the interval at which the NIC proxy attempts to connect to an unavailable NIC host. The default is 15 seconds.