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About SRC License Reports


At the beginning of each month, the SRC software generates a report that provides information about license usage. You can view information about license usage from the CLI or configure the SRC software to send the reports through e-mail to administrators. You can also create a new license usage report at any time. The system stores only one license usage report per month. When you create a report, the system replaces a previous report generated in the same month with the new one.

The report lists the date the report was created, and for each license the customer identification information, the license serial number, and the number of licenses installed. It also lists the number of concurrent active SAE service sessions (maximum number of license units) that can be allocated, and the maximum number of concurrent active SAE service sessions allocated since the license was installed or since the last license usage report was created.

The system stores license usage reports in files. The filename syntax for reports is report-year-month.txt; for example, report-2008-12.txt The following sample license usage report shows the format of the report. The message is sent best-effort; therefore, there is no guarantee that the signature in the report can be trusted.

For example: