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Promoting a Secondary Database to a Primary Role in a Configuration with One Primary Database (SRC CLI)


Although all communities should have two databases with a primary role, if a community includes one database assigned a primary role and another database assigned a secondary role, promote the database assigned a secondary role to a primary role.

To promote a Juniper Networks database from a secondary role to a primary role:

  1. On the database that has a secondary role, set the role to primary.

    For example, if the database on C2 has a secondary role:


    C2 already has C1 configured as primary neighbor.

  2. On the existing database that has a primary role, remove the neighbor as secondary and add it as primary.

    For example, to remove C2 as a secondary neighbor and add it as a primary neighbor for the database on C1:

  3. (Optional if you have two databases with a primary role in a community) Switch the role of the database that originally had a secondary role back to secondary: