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Changing Access to the Directory that Stores SRC Configuration Data


Use the following configuration statements to change connection properties for the directory that stores SRC configuration data:


Before you change directory connection properties, make sure that all configuration changes have been committed.

To change connection information to the directory that stores SRC configuration information:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the directory connection.

  2. (Optional) Change the DN of the root directory to store SRC configuration information. You can use the default root o=umc.

  3. (Optional) Change the URL that identifies the location of the primary directory server.

  4. (Optional) Specify URLs that identify the locations of backup directory servers.

    Backup servers are used if the primary directory server is not accessible.

  5. (Optional) Change the DN that defines the username with which an SRC component accesses the directory.

    For example:

  6. (Optional) Change the password used for authentication with the directory server.

  7. (Optional) Specify the maximum amount of time during which the directory must respond to a connection request.

  8. (Optional) Specify the length of time to wait for a connection to the directory to be established. If you set the value to 0, there is no time limit.

  9. (Optional) Change directory eventing properties for the CLI.


    Do not change the value for the enable-eventing, polling-interval, connection-manager-id, dispatcher-pool-size, or event-base-dn statements unless instructed to do so by Juniper Networks.

    The eventing statement is enabled by default.

In most cases, you use the default configuration for directory eventing properties.