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Grouped Configurations for the SAE


Creating Grouped Configurations for the SAE (SRC CLI)

We recommend that you configure the SAE within a group. When you create a configuration group, the software creates a configuration with default values filled in.

Configuration groups allow you to build hierarchies that define different levels of sharing. There is a shared SAE configuration that you configure at the shared saeconfiguration hierarchy level. The configuration is shared with all SAE instances in the SRC network.

You can then create a grouped SAE configuration that is shared with some SAE instances. For example, if you create an SAE group called region within the shared SAE configuration, you could share the SAE configuration with all SAE instances in a particular region.

You can then create a lower-level group called location in the SAE group region, which could be shared with SAE instances in a particular location.

Configuration options that are defined in a lower-level group override options in a higher-level group. This functionality allows you to define general configuration values (such as plug-in definitions) on a higher level and augment or specialize them on a lower level.

Configuring an SAE Group

Use the shared option of the set slot number sae shared command to add a new group. Use the shared sae group name command to configure the group.

To configure a group:

  1. From configuration mode, add a group. For example, to add a group called REGION-1 in the path /SAE/:

  2. Commit the configuration.

  3. Configure the group as you would a shared SAE configuration.

Deleting Default Configurations Within an SAE Group

If you delete a default configuration, such as a driver configuration, from an SAE group, the configuration is deleted when you commit your configuration. However, if you start the SAE with the enable component sae command, the default configuration that you deleted is added back into your configuration.

If there are multiple SAE groups and you delete a default configuration in more than one group, the software adds the default configurations only to the group that is currently set with the set slot 0 sae shared command.