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Defining Traffic to Transmit to the Redirect Server (C-Web Interface)


You can define traffic to be forwarded to the redirect server by identifying the destination port number (typically, port 80 for Web requests) for packets and the physical interface on a C Series Controller from which subscriber traffic is forwarded to the redirect server. In most cases you can accept the default values for configuration for IP redirection. If you do not specify an interface, traffic is accepted on all interfaces.

To change the values of the port for traffic and/or the C Series interface on which traffic is forwarded to the redirect server:

  1. Click Configure, expand Redirect Server, and then click IP Redirect.

    The IP Redirect pane appears.

  2. Click the Create button.

    The IP Redirect pane reappears.

  3. Enter the information as described in the Help text in the main pane, and click Apply.