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Before You Configure a NIC Proxy


Before you configure a NIC proxy, you should have a good understanding of:

  • NIC resolution

  • NIC data types

  • How NIC proxies work

See Locating Subscriber Management Information, NIC Resolution Process Overview, and NIC Proxy Configuration Overview.


You cannot configure a local NIC host when the NIC is running on a C Series Controller.

The values that you configure for a NIC proxy depend on the particular application; for example, you must specify the type of data used for the key and the type of data used for the value for each application.

Before you configure a NIC proxy for an application, obtain the following information from the system manager who maintains the NIC configuration for NIC hosts:

  • The name of the resolver that the application uses.

  • The type of key the application will provide to the NIC host.

  • The type of value the NIC host is to return.

  • Whether or not the application will use a local NIC host.

  • If the application does not use a local NIC host:

    • The size of the NIC proxy cache.

    • The groups to be listed for NIC host selection. These groups provide NIC replication.