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Using SNMP to Retrieve Information from JunosE Routers


You can use SNMP to retrieve information for the SRC software from JunosE routers. Topics include:

How SNMP Obtains Information from Routers for the SRC Software

Some scripts in the SRC software use SNMP to get information from the router. For example, the poolPublisher router initialization script uses SNMP to read the IP pools.

  • On the router, you can configure access to the router’s SNMP server. See Configuring the SNMP Server on the JunosE Router.

  • On the SAE, you can configure global default SNMP communities that are used for read and write access to the router.

  • You can specify SNMP communities for each virtual router. We recommend that you specify communities for each virtual router instead of configuring global communities.

Configuring the SNMP Server on the JunosE Router

Access to the SNMP server on the router by an SNMP client is governed by a proprietary SNMP community table. This table identifies communities that have read-only, read-write, or administrative permission to the SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) stored on a particular server.

When an SNMP server receives a request, the server extracts the client’s IP address and the community name. The SNMP server searches the community table for a matching community.

  • If a match is found, its access list name is used to validate the IP address.

    • If the access list name is null, the IP address is accepted.

    • If an invalid IP address results, an SNMP authentication error is sent to the SNMP client.

  • If a match is not found, an SNMP authentication error results.

To configure the SNMP agent on the JunosE router:

  1. Switch to the virtual router for which you want to create an SRC client.

  2. Enable the SNMP agent.

  3. Configure at least one authorized SNMP read-write community (SNMPv1/v2c), which provides SNMP client access.

  4. (Optional) Configure a read-only community.

Configuring Global SNMP Communities in the SRC Software (C-Web Interface)

You can configure global default SNMP communities that are used if a VR does not exist on the router or if the community strings have not been configured for the VR.

To configure global default SNMP communities:

  1. Click Configure, expand Shared>SAE>Configuration>Driver, and then click SNMP.

    The SNMP pane appears.

  2. Click Create, enter information as described in the Help text in the main pane, and then click Apply.