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Committing a Configuration


To save software configuration changes to the directory and activate the configuration:

  • Use the commit configuration mode command.

When you enter the commit command, the software reviews the configuration for syntax errors (commit check). Then, if the syntax is correct, the configuration is activated and becomes the active configuration.

You can issue the commit command from any hierarchy level.

If the configuration contains syntax errors, a message indicates the location of the error, and the configuration is not activated. The error message has the following format:

For example:

We recommend that you correct the error before recommitting the configuration. To return quickly to the hierarchy level where the error is located, copy the path from the last line of the message and paste it at the configuration mode prompt at the [edit] hierarchy level.

When you commit a configuration, you commit the entire configuration in its current form. If more than one user is modifying the configuration, committing it saves and activates the changes of all the users.