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Understanding SRC Command and Statement Hierarchies


The SRC CLI provides numerous commands and statements and organizes them in a hierarchical fashion.

SRC CLI Command Hierarchy

CLI commands are organized in a hierarchy. Commands that perform a similar function are grouped together under the same level of the hierarchy. For example, all commands that display information about the system and the system software are grouped under the show system command. Figure 2 illustrates a portion of the show command hierarchy.

Figure 2: CLI Command Hierarchy Example
CLI Command Hierarchy Example

To execute a command, you enter the full command name, starting at the top level of the hierarchy. For example, to display information about SAE licenses, you enter the show sae licenses command.

Configuration Statement Hierarchy

The configuration statement hierarchy has two types of statements: container statements, which are statements that contain other statements, and leaf statements, which do not contain other statements. All the container and leaf statements together form the configuration hierarchy.

Figure 3 illustrates part of the hierarchy tree.

Figure 3: Configuration Statement Hierarchy Example
Configuration Statement Hierarchy Example