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Managing SRC Modules and Components


You use operational commands to manage SRC modules and components. Topics include:

Viewing C Series Controller Information


View general information about the C Series Controller, including hostname and version information for the SRC software installed on your system, and status information for the installed modules and components.


When you issue the show system information command in a virtualized SRC software, the manufacturer, version, and serial number details are not displayed in the output. In addition, the product name is displayed as vSRC.


in operational mode, type the following command:

  • To display version and status information for each component installed on the C Series Controller, in operational mode type the following command:

Restarting an SRC Module or Component

In some instances, you may need to restart an SRC module or component. You can restart a component gracefully, immediately, or by sending a hangup signal before restarting the component. Table 11 shows options available for the restart command.

Table 11: Options to Restart an SRC Module or Component




Name of the module or component to restart.

gracefully component

Restart a specified module or component by sending the equivalent of a UNIX SIGTERM signal.

immediately component

Immediately restart a module or component by sending the equivalent of a UNIX SIGKILL signal.

soft component

Reread and reactivate the configuration without completely restarting a module or component. This option is the equivalent of a UNIX SIGHUP signal; omitting this option is the equivalent of a UNIX SIGTERM (kill) operation.

To restart a component:

  • In operational mode, enter a restart command.

    For example, to gracefully restart the NIC component:

Stopping the SRC Software

To gracefully shut down the SRC software and power off the system, in operational mode, enter the following command:

This command stops all system components, halts the operating system, and powers down the C Series Controller.


The request system halt command does not give you the opportunity to restart the system from the CLI.

For example:

Rebooting the SRC Software

In some instances, such as after software upgrades that make changes to the operating system kernel, you need to reboot the SRC software. Reboot requests are recorded to the system log files and the messages about the final stages of system appear on the screen when the command to reboot the system is run.

To reboot the SRC software, enter the following command in operational mode: