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Configuring the SAE for the SRC 3GPP Gateway


You must configure the SAE to recognize the SRC 3GPP gateway by adding information about it to the SAE properties. Tasks for configuring the SAE for the SRC 3GPP gateway are:

Configuring the SRC 3GPP Gateway as an External Plug-In

To configure an external plug-in for the SAE:

  1. From configuration mode, access the statement that configures the external plug-ins.

  2. Configure the object reference of the external plug-in that is exported to the SAE.

    where corba-object-reference is one of the following references:

    • Path to the interoperable object reference (IOR) file in the format file:///opt/UMC/3gpp/var/run/3gpp-gw.ior

    • The corbaloc URL in the format corbaloc::host:9801/ASGGx/statesync/<namespace> where host is the IP address of the C Series Controller or

    • Common Object Services (COS) in the format corbaname::host:2809/NameService#ASGGx/statesync/<namespace>

  3. Specify the plug-in attributes.

    Plug-in attributes for the SRC 3GPP gateway include:












    For more information about configuring plug-in attributes, see Configuring the SAE for External Plug-Ins (SRC CLI).

Configuring Event Publishers

You must configure the SAE to publish the global service-tracking events to the SRC 3GPP gateway. Any other events are ignored.

For information about configuring event publishers, see Special Types of Event Publishers.