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Configuring the IMS Software (SRC CLI)


To configure the IMS software:

  1. Configure initial properties, including the connection to the directory and directory monitoring properties.

    See Configuring Initial Properties for IMS (SRC CLI).

    See Configuring Directory Connection Properties for IMS (SRC CLI).

    See Configuring Initial Directory Eventing Properties for IMS (SRC CLI).

  2. Configure the local and remote Diameter peers.

    See Configuring the Local Diameter Peer (SRC CLI).

    See Configuring the Remote Diameter Peer (SRC CLI).

  3. Configure logging destinations.

    See Configuring Logging Destinations to Store Messages in a File (SRC CLI).

    See Configuring Logging Destinations to Send Messages to the System Logging Facility (SRC CLI).

  4. Configure subscriber types.

    See Configuring the Subscriber Type (SRC CLI).

  5. Configure the NIC proxies.

    See Configuring a NIC Proxy for IMS (SRC CLI).

  6. Start the IMS process to provide the A-RACF Rq interface.

    See Starting the IMS Process (SRC CLI).

You must restart the IMS process after you commit a configuration change. To restart IMS, see Restarting the IMS Process (SRC CLI).