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    Restoring the Files in a Snapshot

    To revert to the system software stored in snapshot files:

    • Enter the request system restore command.

      The output lists the available snapshots. Enter the specific number of the snapshot which you want to restore.

      user@host> request system restore 
      WARNING: restoring a snapshot will cause the system to
      reboot and replace the software with the data from the
      system snapshot.
      Available Snapshots: 
      1:Snapshot of SRC-PE Release MAIN [VMAIN.A-1616] taken 2016-04-22 12:29:47 - 2623 MB
      2:Snapshot of SRC-PE Release MAIN [VMAIN.A-1616] taken 2016-04-22 12:32:36 - 2623 MB
      Select the snapshot[1,2,..,n] ? Snapshot-number

      The C Series Controller reboots twice during a restoration.


    Modified: 2016-12-29